How did Buckets die?

Robert J. Lowery died Thursday, May 2nd, 2002 at Baptist Hospital of complications from pneumonia. He was 73.
  Where did the name Buckets come from?

Buckets was a nickname stemming from his Chicago, all-city high school basketball team.
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I'm a Webmaster and I think the design of your site is great. However, I do not get the connection between the film ‘look’ and the notebook stuff— though it looks nice together!

Since Buckets was a professor, I initially designed the site with an academia theme in mind. In fact, the original opening page had a picture of Buckets paper clipped to the cover of a U of M spiral notebook. As I continued working through this theme, some concern came up that the site might be construed as a product of the university; hence, I moved toward the showbiz feel. Time ran out so I launched with what I had. Since then, the look has kinda grown on me so I've stuck with it.


Can video be purchased from the memorial event?

Yes, click here for details.


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