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May 2nd, 2003, marked the one-year anniversary of Buckets' passing. Those who attended the Miami memorial service on July 27th, 2002, remember Ken Kurtz's amazing “kickoff” and the touching, funny moments, songs, monologues and sentiments from our fellow actors from all over the world. We have taken many of these wonderful pieces, and edited them into a two-hour commemorative video we know you will want as a keepsake of that most incredible evening—paying tribute to “The Man.” Unfortunately, not everyone who participated is represented due to a “video tragedy” that was beyond our control. However, we've done our best to recreate that magical evening to share with all the Ring Alumni.

We are only asking $20.00 for the video, which covers our expense of duplication and shipping. To order, please contact Pam Talus.

Bethany (Bohall) Prestigiacomo, 1986, is the Director of Artist Residency Programs at Davidson College in North Carolina.  Her primary responsibility is overseeing the Royal Shakespeare Company residency, a four-year project.  Bethany is married to theatre professor/ director Roberto Prestigiacomo and lives and San Antonio, Texas.  The Prestigiacomo's are proud parents of Sofia Concetta, born June 13, 2002.  For more information on RSC at Davidson see the website at

James Randolph is currently Associate Professor of Theatre in the Fine Arts Department at Barry University. Read more.

This summer James will appear as Othello in Othello and Feste in Twelfth Night as part of New Theatre's "SHAKESPEARE PROJECT." Read more.

This Fall, James will return to New World School of the Arts as the Lead Theatre Teacher in the Magnet program and also will teach in the BFA conservatory. Read more.

Best known for her roles on “A Different World,” “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper,”
and “Any Day Now,” Ring Theater alumni Dawnn Lewis has just released
her long awaited CD, “Worth Waiting For.”

You can read more about Dawnn's multi-faceted career and download
brief selections of her new album by visiting

Susan Carlson (Kreer) is an accomplished production specialist
who brings 25 years' experience to print photographers.
She combines a strong blend of artistic and business skills,
including unparalleled experience in development
and execution of print advertising campaigns.

Web site, e-mail or Phone 847 491.9181 Fax. 847 491.9183

The Great Scot, Bardic Magician (Ring Alumnus Stuart Joseph) has just finished out his season of performing at Renaissance and Celtic Festivals, and Scottish Games.

He is now accepting bookings for the fall and winter season. If you would like to add some unique magic to your show, event or party, call toll free at 866-463-SCOT or visit him online.

I am employed once again, after a summer of, as we say in theatre, being "between opportunities." I am a Budget Specialist for the Office of Grants Administration at Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Our office takes care of the many details that go into helping the district, schools, and teachers make their dreams come true through grants they've gotten from state or federal sources or private foundations. It combines my background in education and business administration, and best of all, I get to stay in Miami and keep in touch with my friends from "back in the day" and today.

Best wishes!

Philip "Joel" Williams

Randy Goodman, who provided this site with so many lovely pictures of the Miami memorial, has assembled her own slide presentation accompanied by music.

Unfortunately, due to a software compatibility issue, Randy's presentation cannot be downloaded from this site; however, she would be pleased to mail you a free copy on CD as per your request.

If you would like to receive this CD, please click here.

Many many thanks to all of the wonderful people who are taking time out of
their busy lives to create and maintain this wonderful tribute to Buckets. Isn't he just what teaching is all about to have touched so many lives so much! Thanks for the website and thanks to Buckets! —Carole Anderson, BA '74

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