The Lowery family has started a scholarship at the
University of Miami to help deserving acting students.

Please make a tax-deductible donation payable to:
The UM Department of Theatre Arts.
Write “In Memory of Robert J. Lowery” on the memo line and mail to:

The Robert Lowery Scholarship
University of Miami Department of Theatre Arts
Post Office Box 248273
Coral Gables, FL 33124-4820

Print a scholarship donation form!

ANY contribution that you can give, will be greatly appreciated!

We would like to thank the following for their contributions!

  Altfield, Bill
  Anderson, Carole and Kevin
  Ankrom, Robert
  Awad, William
  Barash, Sheila
  Bohall, Bethany
  Capewell, Cynthia & George
  Cranmer, Mark
  Doyle, Gayle
  Edwards, Robert & June
  Edwards, Gail
  Elrod, Susan
  Etling, Russell
  Feinberg, Ronald & Diana
  Feldman, (Fink) Naomi
  Forer, Mindy
  Gironi, Manny
  Goodman, Randy
  Hancock, Martha
  Herbst, Charles
  Horbal, Pamela Anne
  Jacobs, William
  Johnson, Josephine
  Jones, Nancy
  Kouchalakos, Tom
  Kurtz, Kenneth
  Leroy, Suzanne
  Liotta, Ray
  Long, Ann
  Lowery, Barbara
  Lowery, Joe & Pat
  Lowery, Richard and Margaret
  Maugans, Cheri
  McKinney, Naomi
  Minnich, Kym
  Mitchell, Thom
  Perlmutter, Leonard
  Perri, Val
  Peterson, Diane
  Price, Elizabeth
  Proctor, Genessa and Thom
  Rago, Eila
  Ross, A.J.
  Rudea, (Moreland) Margot
  Ruderhausen, Marcy
  Russell, Patricia
  Schenker, Linda
  Schwartz, Bill
  Talus, Pam
  Thorington, Dianne
  Turner, Barbara
  Venger, Miriam
  Vital, Peggy & Frank
  Wakefield, Ralph
  Zayczek, (Bloom) Amit

Print a scholarship donation form!

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