Due to the majority of people changing their email addresses (sometimes yearly), this contact page had been rendered useless just a couple years after it was launched in 2002.

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  Alan Ormsby  
  Andrea Studley  
  Annette (Taub) Stinnett  
  Barbara Lowery  
  Barbara (Turner) Turvett
  Bert Morris  
  Bethany Bohall Prestigiacomo  
  Bill Schwartz  
  Bruce Lazarus www.brucelazarus.com
  Charlie Herbst  
  Cheri Maugans  
  Cheri Winton  
  Claire Padien  
  David Goodman
  David Jacques  
  Dawnn Lewis www.dawnnlewis.com 
  Diana Montane  
  Don Sagarino  
  Gail Edwards www.gailedwards.com
  Jane Daly www.janedaly.com 
  Janece Martell Mamches  
  Jerrod Hise  
  Jerry DiChiara  
  Jerry Pacific  
  Joel Parks  
  June Edwards  
  Karen Miller  
  Kelly Kay Griffith  
  Kent Lantaff  
  Lara Figueredo  
  Laura Solodkin Summer  
  Linda (Bernstein) Schenker  
  Lou Hirsch www.louhirsch.com
  Lynne Colatrella  
  Maria Banda-Rodaz  
  Matthew Gitkin  
  Mel Gorham / Marilyn Schnier www.melgorham.com
  Michael Catangay  
  Pam Talus  
  Pamela (Horbal) Meyers  
  Philip Giberson  
  Philip Middleton Williams  
  Randy Goodman  
  Rich Tecosky  
  Ray Faiola  
  Robert Decker > Web Designer www.robertdecker.com
  Robert Lowery  
  Robert Sherman  
  Scott Burin  
  Sheila Barash  
  Stephen Dunn www.sacredtreasures.com
  Susan (Trick) Bales  
  Stuart Joseph  
  Susan Kreer Carlson www.susancarlsonproductions.com
  Teddi Goldman-Soriano  
  Terry (Margoluis) Segal  
  Woody Woodhall Allied Post Audio

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